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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Whole World Was Talking About This…

The other week was all about Miley Cyrus.

I mean we couldn’t not talk, not text, not tweet, not repost what we had seen.

The stun value was through the roof.

At this year’s VMA, Hannah Montana didn’t just get killed off.

With every thrust, twerk and sexually graphic move, Miley Cyrus did more
than just put a stake in the heart of her sweet Disney persona.  She shot it, burned it and then scattered the ashes over all her teen fans, so Hannah would never be resurrected again.


But remember…

Sex Isn’t Always Sexy

Okay, we all get it.   Miley wants the whole world to know she’s not an innocent, teen star.  She’s grown up, she’s sexy, and she’s doing things your way.

And yes, her performance posted a record number of tweets.  And yes everyone was talking about her.

But we have to ask…is it for the right reasons?

I mean, does she want to be known for how many sexual thrusts she can do, or how far out she could stick her tongue, or how adept she was with using a foam finger?

All that press and no one seemed to be talking about her voice, her song, about Miley as an artist.

She has said she wants to be taken seriously as a grown up singer.

But her performance was more about seven minutes of crazy.

Well one thing is clear – she became one of the most talked about people on the planet last week.

The artist part?

I’m not so sure.

What We Can Learn From Miley

So how am I synchronizing the whole Miley story?

Well here’s the thing…

Part of the reason I was so interested in all the buzz (both good and bad) about Miley, is the marketing lessons we can’t ignore.

I’m a writer, but you could be a designer, a journalist, an accountant or a dentist.  It doesn’t matter what field you’re in, somehow marketing – getting your name, your product, your reputation out there, factors into the game.

This past year I spent a lot of time writing and e-publishing my romantic suspense books.  And with very little marketing I have been thrilled with the sales and the response so far.  But now I’m looking to expand the reach of my books even further – out to an even a bigger audience.

Which means, not only do I want to keep turning out fun, romantic and thrilling stories,  I also want to find smart ways to connect with my current readers, woo new readers with the end game of creating and growing a solid fan base.

So aside from working on my new novel NOW YOU SEE ME, I’m jumping into the marketing waters.  Doing research and setting up goals (as I move forward, I’ll be sharing those ideas and the results with you so stay tuned.)

The truth is, there’s a lot out and I need to figure out what works, what doesn’t and what I’m comfortable with.

How exactly do you stand out?  Do you let the product speak for itself or do something so crazy that people can’t help but notice you?

Well, let’s break it down because…

Maybe It Wasn’t All Bad

Maybe Miley with her hip thrusting, twerking performance was on to something.  After her performance, Reuters reported that her album "Bangerz" jumped to No. 5 on the iTunes chart.

Which is why some say any publicity is good publicity.

But what about going forward?  Is this her new image? Will she just be known as the singer with the sexually graphic moves.

Was shocking the world into noticing her, the way to go?

I guess only time will tell.

But all this talk, about why exactly we’re all talking about Miley, made me ask some big questions…

Like what can my readers expect from me?

What do I want to deliver?

How do I want to be known?

You might want to ask the same questions too…

Like how do your customers/ your co-workers your bosses view you?  What do they expect?  What can they count on from you?

It’s important to know your message and be in full charge of it.

Here’s my bottom line…

Each and every time a reader picks up my book, I want it to be fun and romantic.  I want them to be excited about my next release and the one after that…and after that.

Why I Want To Be Like Justin Timberlake...

If you tuned in long enough after Miley’s set, you got to see another VMA performance.  One by Justin Timberlake.

The music was great, he oozed confidence and the dance moves, along with his reunion with N’Sync were amazing.

JT had it all.  Energy, confidence, star power.  His performance was almost twenty minutes and I didn’t want it to end.

And isn’t that the answer?

Forget leaving them confused, uncomfortable or bewildered.  Simply always leave them wanting more.

As for more…

Don’t miss my next blog…you’ll hear all about my New Year’s Resolutions. I know it’s September…I promise it will all make sense when you read it.  And…it just might help you achieve some of your big goals. 

'Til then…

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